Say Yes to Yak, the New Beef Alternative


Ever had yak for dinner? I did, and it was tender, buttery, and rich, although lean. And it wasn’t gamey at all. You may think it was shipped overnight from Tibet, but you’d be wrong—it was raised right here in Colorado. The state has about 20 ranches that raise yaks for meat, and the trend is growing for many good reasons.

My steak came from a yak raised in a scenic spot in Rist Canyon, where a herd of 27 yaks roam free range at the Morrow family’s Happy Yak Ranch. The men of the Morrow clan include David and his sons Colby, Bryan, Dylan, and Riley. Colby says the idea for raising yaks came during a visit to the Denver Stock Show. They wanted to add a few cows to the ranch, but their curiosity was sparked when they saw the yaks. After some research, the Morrows learned what other ranchers in the state are learning: yaks offer many advantages over traditional cattle.

Read the rest of the story at Selene River Press.


For more information, visit Happy Yak Ranch or contact Colby Morrow via or 970-980-4803.

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