Drive Like Jehu

What a show! Glad I got to see them. Must’ve rocked my balls off because they’re missing.

Drive Like Jehu

Hanging with Dave, Nick and Brian before the show.

Drive Like Jehu 2

This occasion calls for some whiskey.

Drive Like Jehu 3


Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!

This is our precious little Lola the chihuahua.


2015 Vegetable Garden

The garden this year was better than ever. Practice and patience are key to veggie gardening. I thought my garden would look like this the first year I tried my hand at it. Little did I know it would take five years to get to this point! 2015 Garden

Lemon cukes tower over marigolds (cukes are from seed starts, and the marigolds are a volunteer from seeds I planted three years ago).2015 Garden 2

Gotta love basil (direct sowing).2015 Garden 3

First attempt at Brussels sprouts (from seed starts).2015 Garden 4

First attempt at cabbage (from seed starts).2015 Garden 5