Sauerkraut Saturday

This is a Dutch flat cabbage from my garden, 2015.Sauerkraut 1

The first step for making sauerkraut is to chop it up.Sauerkraut 2Sauerkraut 3

After it’s all chopped up, add a tablespoon of salt, mix, cover lightly with a kitchen towel, and let it sit for about an hour. Sauerkraut 4

Time to squeeze it, pound it, and smash it.Sauerkraut 5

After a lot of squeezing, pounding, and smashing, the cabbage releases its juices.Sauerkraut 6

Pack the cabbage and juice into a jar, and press the cabbage down so that the brine is covering all cabbage pieces. Cover with a lid. Check it every few days to make sure the cabbage is below the brine. In three weeks, you’ll have delicious and nutritious sauerkraut.Sauerkraut 7

Mmm! Please pass the sauerkraut.Sauerkraut 8



2 Comments on “Sauerkraut Saturday”

  1. Great tutorial, thanks! Bet it will work out much cheaper for me to make my own than buy it.

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