Samantha Prust

Samantha Prust received her BA (English, ’92) from Minnesota State University and her MFA (Creative Writing, ’99) from Colorado State University. From 1999 until 2010, she worked as a writer and editor for Cottonwood Press, Inc., an independent book publisher specializing in English and language arts.

From May 2013 to present, she has worked as Managing Editor, Project Assistant, Senior Editor, and Consulting Editor for Selene River Press, Inc. She also works as a freelance writer and editor for various clients, including Larimer County Natural Resources3Play Media, Bina Mehta Spice Blends, and Style Magazine.

Samantha is the author of the short story collection, Romance and Other Stories (The Write Deal, 2011). She is also the author of A Sentence a Day: Short Playful Proofreading Exercises (Prufrock Press, 2007). She was a contributing writer for many English and language arts books: Language Is Served, Phunny Stuph: Proofreading Exercises with a Sense of Humor, and More Abravocabra: The Amazingly Sensible Approach to Teaching Vocabulary. She won 1st place in fiction in the Minnesota State University Writing Competition and 1st place in fiction in the MacMurray and Beck Writing Competition (Denver).

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